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The Only Emergency Aid Self-Service Mobile App

Emergency requests call for fast action. MyFi-ALLY is a self-service mobile application designed from the ground up to speed processing of requests, keep careful track of needed documentation, reduce waiting, and reduce frustration. MyFi-ALLY provides the self-service functionality students need combined with the quality customer service they have come to expect from you.

Automated Processing of Requests

MyFi-ALLY allows students to request funds from their phones...

or any other network device, reducing or eliminating trips to the office and encouraging social distancing. With MyFi-ALLY, your students can easily and securely submit their request for relief funds online. Once submitted, they can track the status of their application as it goes through the approval process. If needed, they are able to give supplementary details and documentation.

Your institution, your branding

Designed to adopt your institution's look & feel

Your institution's image and reputation are embodied in a identity, a logo, a color scheme, and a brand. MyFi-ALLY is designed to adopt your brand so you can make it your own.

Reduce the waiting. Reduce the anxiety. Provide peace-of-mind.

With MyFi-ALLY, students can make aid requests based on a school’s approved emergency aid categories, quickly upload required documentation, receive direct messages about next steps and track their status all through their chosen mobile device. This eases the application process during a difficult period and provides student access no matter where they are located.

Administrators can easily automate the receipt, evaluation, and approval of the requests. They can send direct messages to students with reminders, and request additional documentation. They can quickly share internal messages among approvers, all while maintaining appropriate institutional checkpoints, including reporting to the Financial Aid office for eligibility determinations and considerations . Moreover, administrators can configure the look-and-feel of the application to help students feel “at home”

Product Features

Lightweight Mobile User Interface

A light, mobile-optimized UI allows students to create and track their request using the device they use the most — their phone. Almost every student on campus owns a smartphone. They use them, all day long, for just about any and every transaction you can imagine. MyFi-ALLY is designed to work and look great on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers.

Task Focused

MyFi-ALLY intuitively leads a student through building their application for funding, prompting them to enter appropriate details and backup documentation. Where possible, issues are communicated back to the student before staff need to review it.

A Brand New Experience Built on an Established System

MyFi-ALLY gives a clean, modern application process, saves time, and gives you a clear record of what the student is asking for.

Building on the experience of existing student portals

MyFi builds on the most common functionality of some of the most successful student financial aid portals. Over time this functionality will be extended to the less common financial aid functions, always keeping an eye on configuration and best practices.

Designed to adopt your institution's look & feel

Your institution's image and reputation are embodied in an identity, a logo, a color scheme, and a brand. MyFi-ALLY is designed to adopt your brand so you can make it your own.

The Functionality Your Students Need

The COVID-19 health emergency has affected all aspects of current life both personal and professional. Your students are no exception. They are likely nervous about their personal and family situations and uneasy about their current academic pursuits. Most are disappointed about how the current academic term is ending, uncertain about next term and whether or not they’ll be able to afford a return.

MyFi-ALLY can help. You already have accounting software and many of the other technical requirements to make disbursements. You already have the ability to direct funds to students. MyFi-ALLY gives you the power to automate the collection and approval of these new requests, without having to change any of your existing campus processes once you approve the request.

The functionality you need

MyFi-ALLY makes it easy for students to request financial assistance and know what is happening throughout the process.

What was approved?
What is the status of my request?
With whom can I communicate?

What documents should you provide?
Did you get my… ?

What do I have to do to get help?
If I need help for next year. What do I do?

Built to withstand the peaks

Cloud-based technology allows us to increase capacity when the system gets busy for those inevitable peaks in activity on the system.

MyFi-ALLY has been designed with security in mind since day one. More imperative than any feature in our product, our foremost priority is to keep information secure through every aspect of the application.

Continuous Improvement
Web technologies do not age well. What was a great application design ten years ago on a desktop monitor probably doesn’t look so great on the range of screen sizes that are more common today. MyFi is designed to be continually updated to ensure it remains usable and relevant.

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The MyFi-ALLY pricing is based on a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) annual subscription model.

With this model, your institution pays a low annual subscription fee based on a fraction of your school’s total enrollment as reported to IPEDS. The subscription includes all maintenance, support, and upgrades. No ‘hidden’ or unexpected fees. There are variable one-time fees for configuration and deployment in the cloud, and for training of your MyFi-ALLY system administrator.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • MyFi-ALLY is a turnkey solution that is designed to provide an easy and intuitive way to allow your students to securely apply for Emergency Aid. The application is cloud-based and needs only light configuration to get started.

  • You can configure the application to allow students to sign themselves up by providing a link on your website or by email, or you can allow your administrators to send an invitation to students when they ask about the program. Either way, the student will be directed to a portal with your branding to start the process.

  • MyFi-ALLY allows you to use our configurable software out-of-the-box to handle the immediate needs of your students. It is ready to go right now, no waiting. Your students will love it because it is already mobile-first designed, enabling them to use it from wherever they are. As it is a turn-key cloud-based application we handle most of the IT work, freeing your IT team to concentrate on the more pressing issues. By taking care of the student interaction, document storage, and approval workflow, you can concentrate on enabling fast payments to your students when they need it most.

  • Yes, accessibility was a forethought of the design. As the application evolves it is regularly scanned for compliance with Section 508 and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

  • MyFi is presently a web application. We are considering a downloadable (App Store / Play Store) application in the future.

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